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How are you using Everest?

Jul 13, 2015 at 10:15 PM
Hello Fellow Everest Users,

As part of our community engagement we're interested in hearing about how you're leveraging the Everest Framework in your product. It can be quite generic, basically a brief (1 paragraph) blurb about your project/company, how you're using Everest and how/if you've found it helpful and/or any suggestions on how we can make it better.

I'll post a little blurb about the MEDIC (mHealth & eHealth Development & Innovation Centre) use of the Everest Framework. MEDIC was founded in 2007 to prototype the pan-Canadian EHRs blueprint and this involved the prototyping of several reference implementations of the services in that infrastructure. The MEDIC has used Everest for a variety of purposes:
  • The MEDIC Client Registry's HL7v3 messaging interface
  • Several patient data seeding applications which are used to create data for our 6th semester eHealth & Informatics courses
  • The MEDIC Shared Health Record (coming soon to codeplex) HL7v3 messaging interfaces
  • Our Health Information Access Layer (HIAL) implementation for the purpose of transforming RMIMs to RIM based canonical messaging formats.
One thing we've noticed that needs some overhauling in Everest is the documentation. There is lots of reference documentation but not much getting started tutorials. We're also looking to increase formatter performance and efficiency.

-Justin Fyfe
Coordinator - MARC-HI Everest Framework